Accessibility Plan 2017-20

Sheffield High School recognises its duties under the Equality Act 2010 and the SEND Code of Practice 2015 and adopts a positive approach to making the school more accessible in terms of:

  • Admissions
  • The curriculum, both the taught and the wider curriculum
  • Associated services, including after-school care and extra-curricular activities
  • Behaviour and discipline policies
  • Premises

The Accessibility Plan is subject to a three yearly schedule of review and revision, with annual monitoring and review to assess provision for disabled pupils and progress in implementing the Plan. The Director of Finance & Operations through the Health and Safety Committee, is responsible for co-ordinating the implementation of the physical aspects of the Plan. The Deputy Head is responsible for the implementation of other aspects of the Plan, including the dissemination of information to staff.

Risk assessments and procedures are in place to include the assessment of the individual needs of disabled pupils, and a personal emergency evacuation plan is agreed with pupils and parents when deemed necessary/appropriate.

The plan, Appendix 1, covers the Short, Medium and Long Term and primarily covers Curriculum Access including the delivery of written and spoken information, and Access to Premises.

Curriculum Access

Curriculum access is addressed on a case by case basis. The school encourages the parents of those for whom special curricular access arrangements may be necessary to visit the school at the earliest opportunity to discuss how the prospective pupil’s needs may best be met, both during the application process and also after admission. It is also the case that school is aware of occasional access needs or restrictions on movement. This is provided for by an assessment of need by the school nurse (or appropriate staff member) then lesson locations and facilities access are adjusted accordingly.

Access to Premises

Access to the premises is addressed on an individual basis. The school encourages the parents of those for whom special access arrangements may be necessary to visit the school at the earliest opportunity to discuss how the prospective pupil’s needs may best be met, both during the application process and also after admission. An individual risk assessment is created alongside a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan where required both of which are discussed with the pupil’s parents and the pupil.

Appendix 1: Accessibility Plan 2017-20

This plan has been prepared with regard to the requirements of part IV of the SEND Code of Practice 2013 as amended by the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 and following an access audit conducted in Apr 14. Previous plans have been in place and acted upon.




Time frame

Staff responsible

Reviewed by

Short term

Increasing access to enable all pupils to access the school curriculum

1. Regular examination of the needs of current school population and admissions secretary raises any issues of pupils registered for future admission

1. Raise staff awareness of pupils’ needs who are currently in school through SEND Register and in advance for those with disabilities being admitted to the school

Annually (Sep)



2. Liaison with current school and/or parents regarding any reasonable adjustments a pupil may require in relation to entrance exam/Open Days or entry to school

2. Pupils’ needs can be assessed before coming to the school with regards to accessing the curriculum and meetings can be held with parents

In place and reviewed annually (Jan when exam takes place)



3. Annual review of the SEN & Disability Policy and highlight to new staff in staff handbook and through new staff induction programme

3. Raise staff awareness

Annually, end of Summer term



4. Guidance for staff on strategies for helping pupils with SEND and familiarisation with QCA guidelines on Planning, Teaching and Assessing the curriculum for pupils with learning difficulties. Notes included on Teacher drive and Firefly regular updates given in staff briefings and meetings.

4. Staff able more fully to meet the requirements of SEND pupils with regards to accessing the curriculum

Ongoing – amendments made to guidance as the need arises


SMT / JMT- information now in staff handbook

5. Include in induction programme for new staff SEND awareness and strategies for meeting the needs of SEND pupils

5. As above

Autumn term (ongoing updates as required)


SMT / JMT (session led by AR)

6. If required, plan timetable of lessons and rooms to meet needs of SEND pupils

7. Conducted a half day training session with Y10 at the employability conference on self-esteem and building resilience and good mental health.

8. Director of 6th form attending training course on Mental Health Skills for 6th form staff.

6. Pupils with SEND able to access the curriculum as fully as possible

7. Increased understanding of mental health issues by Y10

8. Increased awareness of mental health issues for staff.

Ongoing as required

Jun 17. Now to be included in all future employability conferences.

Course attended on 5 Oct 17.




SMT / JMT (organised as and when required)



Improving access to the physical environment

1. Designate parking provision in main school car park as accessible parking and provide signage to indicate this

1. Accessible parking available.

Re-painted signage on disabled parking bay

Annual check as part of parking review



2. Keep under review and make provision as part of any new developments any areas of uneven surfacing and repair where necessary.

2. Provide level surface for easier access

Work is ongoing and reviewed annually

Surveyor’s dept, IK


3. Maintain contrasting nosings on the edge of each tread of steps around school on entry door

3. Safer access on steps

Contrasting nosings in place and subject to review by premises team and replacement as required.



4. Availability of 2 wheelchairs and threshold ramps and a sufficient number of evacuation chairs

4. Easier access around school for pupils with ongoing mobility issues and safer evacuation in case of emergency

Purchased Nov 2010



Improving the delivery of written information to SEND pupils

1. Produce written curriculum materials in alternative formats (Braille, large print, audio) if required

1. If needed, the school can provide written information in alternative formats

Can be available if required



2. Consider making available new school prospectus and related documentation in alternative formats (audio, enlarged font)

2. If needed the school can provide documentation in alternative formats

Can be available if required



3. Departments to make lesson materials available in a format which will assist dyslexic pupils and those with similar needs if required

Note: Specific homework club run by SENCO for those with communication difficulties.

3. Improved access to lesson notes and worksheets for dyslexic pupils

Ongoing – staff made aware of requirement as pupil needs identified

All HODs & subject co-ordinators



Medium Term

Increasing access for SEND pupils to the school curriculum

1. Ongoing training for staff on supporting specific educational needs in the classroom

1. Staff able to more fully meet the requirements of all pupils’ needs with regards to accessing the curriculum

Included in staff training days



2. Investigate access to different computer technologies and other equipment for students with disabilities eg: hearing loop

2. Increased number of laptops for use in lessons and examinations

Personal devices rolled out for Y2-Y7 with ongoing review



VAD (equipment available when required)

3. Accessibility for SEND pupils on school visits – both day and residential and include guidance on above in school’s Travel Policy

4. Ongoing training for staff on administering medical aid to SEND pupils when required

3. Strategies in place for accommodating disabled pupils on school visits. Section included in Travel Policy

4. Staff competent in administering medical assistance. Awareness of LEA guidelines for administering of medicines for pupils on regular medication

Ongoing as need arises.

Ongoing as need arises.


HG & staff



Improving access to the physical environment

1. Review provision of handrails on all steps around site – external and internal

1. Easier access

Annual review. Aim to add hand rails to path down from preschool to middle playground. New handrails installed on to steps to Gym.



2. Provision of additional accessible toilets in future building developments

2. Better toilet facilities provided

Ongoing as buildings are updated.


Accessible toilet now in main school, sixth form, sports hall, dining room, No4 and Gym

3. Ensure routine internal decorations and repairs take account of needs of SEND pupils (e.g. contrasting colours of doors and frames and handrails).

3. Improve contrast between fittings and walls by colour and tone

Incorporated in cyclical redecoration and when areas refurbished.



4. Consider changing door handles to ones more suitable for use by a disabled person

5. Provide table service in dining room to pupils and visitors if required. Ensure that servery staff are trained in disability awareness

4. Easier access through doors

5. Ease of access to dining facilities

Incorporated into refurbishment programme

As required.


Catering Manager

VAD. Electronic door control added to new servery building.

IK (refurbished canteen makes access easier as furniture no longer secured to the floor.

Improving the delivery of written information for SEND pupils

1. Advice and training for staff on the use of technology to assist pupils with SEND

1. More use of visual presentation material

Ongoing updates on Firefly through pupil profiles


SMT / JMT (training ongoing)

Long Term

Improving access to the physical environment

1. Consider reworking of the footpaths and steps around the site to provide access to wheelchair users to the various buildings

1. Improved access around the site for wheelchair users

Incorporated into refurbishment programme

IK & surveyor

Portable ramp purchased. Level access now available for Gym and Infant ground floor (2017)

2. Create access to the sports pitches adjacent to the Sports Hall

2. Easier access to outdoor sports areas

As above


3. Consider incorporating a lift into planned developments to the Science department

3. Access to full range of science facilities


IK,VAD, estates dept

VAD (lift factored into the feasibility study plans)

4. Consider inclusion of a lift as part of further developments to the Senior School

5. Access to full range of science facilities


Estates Department

Provision for lift to be considered in any plans for alterations to the school’s frontage. Study has level access between main building and science building.