Bad Weather Policy

Bad Weather Policy

It is always the school’s aim to remain open except in the most extreme circumstances where we are forced to close because there is a risk to the health and safety of staff and pupils.

Information for parents

Parents will be informed of School closure in the following ways:

A message will be posted on the school website and on Twitter before 6.30am.

There will be an announcement sent to BBC Radio Sheffield and Radio Hallam although we cannot guarantee these being broadcast.

Closure will be avoided wherever possible. There is no need to contact the school in bad weather to check whether or not the school is open. Unless announced as above, we will be open! While we understand parental concerns, please be aware of the difficulty for office staff of responding to literally hundreds of calls. Please do not telephone the school office at these times unless there is an emergency.

Parents should be aware that in extreme weather conditions, significant staff or pupil absences may result in emergency timetabling being put into effect.

Should the weather turn worse during the school day and parents are concerned about the journey home, they may collect their daughters early or contact the school office to give permission for their daughter to leave early. Pupils should not however ring their parents to ask to be collected early. Girls who are collected early should sign out at the school office.

Information about whether school buses are running will either be given directly to parents by the school coach operators or will be placed on the school website. If the coach operators inform school that they are collecting girls early during bad weather, the message will be passed on to the girls and arrangements made for them to leave school. Melbourne House girls will always be accompanied to the buses.

In extreme weather normal after school clubs and events may be cancelled.

If parents are delayed by the weather collecting their child, she will be kept warm and safe in school in the care of a member of staff. Please would parents telephone school if they are seriously delayed (after 4.00pm Melbourne House parents should telephone the tea time club mobile number and senior school parents after 5.00pm should ring the Assistant Head for Pastoral Care or the Deputy Head).

In the event of school closure, work will be available for the girls via Firefly or will be emailed to them directly by staff. Please would parents ensure that the girls check their school email accounts and Firefly regularly.

In extreme weather girls may wear boots to school but these must be removed inside school and indoor shoes worn.

Information for staff

It is always the school’s aim to remain open except in the most extreme circumstances where we are forced to close because there is a risk to the health and safety of staff and pupils.

In the event of a decision being taken to close the school, a message will be posted on the school website and on Twitter before 6:30am.  A text message via school comms will also be sent to all staff who have previously submitted an up to date mobile number in the annual staff details form. 

In the event of bad weather, staff living closest to school (ie within a 2 mile radius) and are able to walk to school, should aim to be at school for 8.30am to assist with registration of girls who have arrived at school on time. If any staff are able to help with clearing paths and steps around school, this is greatly appreciated.

All staff living beyond reasonable walking distance should aim to make the journey into school whenever it is safe to do so during the day. Staff who have particularly difficult journeys are expected to have devised their own ‘winter travel plan’ in case of bad weather. This might mean using alternative transport, sharing cars, considering winter tyres or parking on main roads which are more accessible. Staff who are not able to make the journey into work during bad weather may be required to take the day as unpaid. This will be at the discretion of the Head and GDST.

If school is closed, all teaching staff are expected to make work available for their classes through Firefly or by emailing their students directly.

Should the weather turn worse during the school day and staff are concerned about their journey home, they should liaise with the Head, Deputy Head, School Business Manager or Head of Juniors to determine whether it is possible to leave early.

Under no circumstances should staff allow students to telephone their parents to ask them to collect them from school. Girls are only permitted to leave early if their parents contact the school office to request permission.