Careers Education Guidance Policy


This CEIAG Policy has been drawn up with reference to the following documents:

  • Quality in Careers Standard March 2017
  • Department of Education: Careers guidance and inspiration in schools. Non-statutory departmental advice for governing bodies, school leaders and school staff April 2017
  • Career Development Institute: Association of Careers Education and Guidance (ACEG) Framework.

In June 2015 the school was awarded Career Mark, a quality award which meets the Quality in Careers Standard.

This award is being revalidated in June 2017 and ensures that Sheffield Girls’ is meeting quality requirements in terms of Management, Guidance, Curriculum, Information and Learner Outcomes.


While, as an independent school, there is no compulsion to adhere to the statutory guidance, this guidance represents good practice standards in relation to CEIAG.

Following it will ensure that we are inspiring pupils to consider all future possibilities, to aim high, to take advantage of opportunities both inside and outside school and to become informed about education, training and career options.

A comprehensive CEIAG programme will equip students with the ability to assess their current strengths, consider areas for development, research current and future opportunities and acquire the employability skills valued by future employers.

The rationale for CEIAG is enshrined in one of the school’s stated aims which is “to develop successful young women who will make a positive contribution as citizens within the global community”.


Our pupils are entitled to CEIAG which meets professional standards of practice and is pupil centred; impartial; confidential and integrated into each pupils’ experience of the whole curriculum.

The need for professional standards has been recognised by:

  • The appointment of a full time Head of Careers who is a Level 6 qualified and experienced careers practitioner
  • Our new partnership with the Morrisby Organisation who will deliver a source of professional advice for our students from Y9 to Y13 through an online package and impartial, face-to-face interviews leading to an individual action plan for all Y11 students prior to making Post 16 option choices. This on-line support, including a confidential advice line, is available to our students throughout their lifetime.
  • Our long established membership of the Inspiring Futures Foundation who provide on-line careers information, qualified personnel to attend whole school Careers Fairs and a range of career Insight events.
  • Adherence to the PSHE Association Guidelines in the development of our PSHE curriculum. 

Sheffield Girls’ is committed to providing a planned programme of Careers Education for all students in Years 7 – 13 which is delivered throughout the curriculum but is focused within PSHE, discrete Careers lessons in Y10 and the Sixth Form Tutorial Programme.

Aims and Objectives

The programme is designed to meet the needs of the pupils at Sheffield Girls’ and to reflect the school’s Core Purpose which is “To bring out the best in all our girls and encourage them within a structured and caring community to develop their personal and intellectual talents to the full and to leave school as strong, open-minded, confident young women.”

Within this context the principal aim of our CEIAG programme is:

To provide the information, advice and guidance necessary for all our students to make and implement well-informed and realistic decisions and to successfully manage change and transition.

The Careers and PSHE Departments work together to encourage the development of each individual in terms of developing the knowledge, skills and values that will support their future ambitions, economic well-being and financial capability. We aim to support each young woman to reach personalised goals which will enable her to leave school for a positive destination and to pursue the career of her choice.

Main Aims

Sheffield High School aims to develop the following capabilities in all pupils:

  • To recognise strengths and weaknesses and evaluate how these might affect future choices
  • To make informed decisions by making effective use of information, advice and guidance
  • To develop and implement personal action plans
  • To develop and demonstrate personal and employability skills
  • To learn through a range of work related activities

An individual’s success is dependent on their own attitudes and personal qualities in addition to academic achievement. The CEIAG programme reflects the School and the GDST Values and aims to foster in students a positive attitude towards acquiring those skills relevant to adult life and to develop in each student self-confidence, self-reliance and a sense of personal worth.


Key Learning Outcomes

Key Stage 3

At the end of this stage pupils should be able to:

· Understand themselves and the influences on them (self-awareness)

· Undertake a realistic self-assessment of their achievements, qualities, aptitudes and abilities

· Develop a positive self-image

· Use information handling and research skills to select and evaluate careers and educational information relevant to their needs

· Make informed decisions about their GCSE options.

Key Stage 4

At the end of this stage pupils should be able to:

· Build on the assessment of their achievements, qualities, aptitudes and abilities made at the end of key stage 3

· Identify and use a variety of careers information and understand the options open to them

· Feel confident about planning for post 16 options

· Recognise and respond to the main influences on their attitudes and values related to learning, work and opportunity

· Add to their knowledge and understanding and develop more detailed educational/career plans

· Successfully complete a work placement to improve their employability and understanding of the workplace

· Justify and critically compare the options available to them

· Understand what employers look for and appreciate their rights and responsibilities

· Take factors related to quality of life and financial well-being into consideration when making decisions about the future.

Key Stage 5

At the end of this stage pupils should be able to

· Critically assess their achievements in order to set realistic goals and identify areas for development

· Recognise and respond to the main influences on their personal views, attitudes and behaviour.

· Understand relevant application processes and be able to select and present personal information to make successful applications.

· Assess and manage risks relating to personal financial, enterprise and career choices

· Take informed decisions about the next stage of their life and feel confident about planning for post 18 options

· Organise further relevant volunteering and/or work experience.


CEIAG provision for Y7 to Y13 pupils is designed to ensure that all our girls are supported to develop the skills and knowledge they will need to make successful educational and career choices.

Careers Education is predominantly delivered through PSHE lessons in Y7 to Y11; fortnightly timetabled Careers lessons with the Head of Careers in Year 10; a programme of activities within tutorial periods and enrichment activities for all year groups. The CEIAG programme is further enhanced by an annual Calendar of Careers Events aimed at developing the understanding of pupils and parents in relation to the world of education, employment and training.


Delivery is structured to ensure that pupils gain knowledge and skills and receive guidance as is appropriate to their stage of career learning, planning and development to ensure progression through a range group based activities and individual interventions which will equip them to make informed choices at key stages of decision making. The programme promotes equality of opportunity and inclusion including providing enrichment opportunities in areas where women are under-represented.

  • All staff are expected to contribute to the CEIAG programme through their roles as subject teachers and tutors. Individual subject departments are encouraged to relate their subject to the world of work and regularly invite former students, working parents and local employers into the classroom.
  • A structured staff mentoring programme is in place for all Y11 students to help them make informed Post 16 option choices.
  • Students in Y7 to Y13 can access careers advice and guidance via the twice weekly lunchtime Careers Clinic run by the Head of Careers.
  • The Head of Careers conducts individual guidance interviews with all Y12 students to facilitate post 18 choices and is qualified to administer Morrisby careers profiling tests.
  • The Head of Careers is based in the Sixth Form Centre so is readily available for Y12 and Y13 students who need additional support and is able to respond quickly to emails or telephone calls from pupils or parents needing information, advice or guidance and also to take direct referrals from staff who feel that individual students need further guidance.
  • The Head of Careers has increased responsibilities as part of the Sixth Form Leadership Team to offer enhanced support to students who come newly to the school in Sixth Form or who have specific support needs.
  • The Pastoral Care Team ensure that increased support and mentoring is available to students throughout the senior school who have issues that may be preventing them reaching their full potential. This includes E2L support and individual support for students with specific learning difficulties.
  • An annual contract is negotiated between Sheffield Girls’, the Morrisby Organisation and the Inspiring Futures Foundation (both Matrix accredited) who provide impartial, professionally qualified careers guidance staff to support option choices in Y9, to undertake careers testing in Y10 and to deliver individual guidance interviews in Y11 leading to an individual action plan.
  • All Y11 students undertake a two-week work experience placement immediately after their GCSE exams. Students are encouraged to use personal contacts, the school Work Experience Database and the Sheffield Girls’ Alumnae Database to source placements. All placements undergo health and safety checks. This process is managed by the Work Experience Coordinator and all staff are involved in visiting students on placement in order to ensure students that are supported to gain maximum benefit from their experience and to increase their own understanding of the world of work.
  • The school has a wide variety of enrichment activities that build on the ‘Go4it’ ethos where creativity, teamwork, enterprise and positive risk taking are vital ingredients in the school experience. All students are encouraged to participate and to reflect on the skills they are developing through these activities.
  • Students also have the opportunity to participate in a programme of educational and career based activities on offer through the Girls Day School Trust and Career Insight Events organised by the Inspiring Futures Foundation.
  • Ongoing careers support for students who progress into our Sixth Form can also be sourced from the GDST Alumnae Network.

Monitoring, Review and Evaluation

The CEIAG programme is monitored, reviewed and evaluated annually by the Director of Sixth Form who line manages the Head of Careers and by the Deputy Head who line manages the Head of PSHE.

Performance targets are also put in place by the GDST and are collated annually.

The following criteria are used to measure the effectiveness of CEIAG, including:


· The % of pupils making successful transition to Post-16 destinations

· The % of pupils making successful transition to Post-18 destinations


· The Sheffield Girls PDP process assesses the effectiveness of delivery staff including through lesson observations

· Student feedback re CEIAG provision via the School Council

· Student evaluation of input from external agencies

· Student reflection on their learning in PSHE and Careers Lessons through maintenance of their individual PSHE Education Learning Record

· Evaluation of student development as part of Sixth Form monitoring processes

· Reflections by Y13s on their Leaver Forms

CEIAG topics are reviewed and evaluated by delivery teams annually on the basis of student feedback and new developments in relation to education, employment and training.


Funding for CEIAG resources is allocated in the school’s annual budget and delegated to the Head of Careers. This funding is used to buy printed materials, for an annual subscription to the e-clips website, for the Morrisby Online subscriptions. And to pay for Membership of Inspiring Futures and Complete Careers who administer the Career Mark Quality Award.

The Head of Careers has an annual meeting with the School Librarian to agree which printed resources need to be replaced or supplemented to ensure that careers information is kept up-to-date and appropriate to the needs of the students.

Careers resources are maintained in the Careers section of the Main School Careers Library and in the Learning Resources Centre in the Sixth Form Centre.

The Head of Careers is responsible for maintaining Careers related notice boards in the Sixth Form Centre and also for developing the virtual Careers Room which will be available on the school’s intranet from September 2017.

Staff Development

CEIAG staff are allocated an annual budget to facilitate access to Continual Professional Development opportunities. This includes annual attendance at the appropriate conferences organised by the GDST.


The Head of Careers has an office in the Sixth Form Centre to ensure privacy for one-to-one appointments with students. This is also used for the Y11 interviews with visiting careers advisors.

Partnership Working

  1. Parents - Parents have a key role in helping students make informed decisions about their future. To this end we:
    1. Inform parents about key careers-related activities via letter and/or email
    2. Ensure that the Head of Careers is present at appropriate parent consultation and information evenings
    3. Issue information and consent letters to parents of children taking part in outside school career activities
    4. Encourage students to discuss with parents any material related to careers activities and to share any information or advice given at key decision points
    5. Ensure that parents have the Head of Careers' contact details so they can make direct contact to seek support regarding their daughter's educational/career choices
    6. Use the school portal and website to share careers information and advice with parents
    7. Invite working parents to become involved in careers evenings, the biennial careers convention and the Y13 Mock Interview Day to share their expertise with our students
  2. Other Partners - We seek regular involvement from a range of other organisations to enhance the CEIAG programme and strengthen business/education links. These include:
    1. Local/regional employers (including via our Enterprise Network Adviser)
    2. Sheffield Girls’ Alumnae Network
    3. GDST Alumnae Network
    4. GDST Career Start trainers
    5. The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University
    6. Other UK universities
    7. The Inspiring Futures Foundation

Key Contact Details:

Ms Cathy Walker

Director of Sixth Form (Senior Leadership Team link to CEIAG)

Tel: 0114 3587618

Ms Carole Hall

Head of Careers

Tel: 0114 3587617

Mrs Gina Heaton

Head of PSHE

Tel: 0114 3587617

Mrs Susan Good

Work Experience Coordinator

Tel: 0114 2660324