Junior School Supervision Policy

This policy and its procedures applies to all pupils in the Infant and Junior School, including the EYFS.


The safety of all our girls is paramount and it is the duty of all members of staff to ensure that they have this as their prime consideration at all times. It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure the safety of girls in our care, both within timetabled lessons, extra-curricular activities, before/after school and during breaks/transition points in the school day.

Before School

Breakfast Club is supervised for FS and KS1 at the Infant School site and for KS2 girls at the Junior School site from 7.30am until 8.15am. A member of staff is on duty in both venues and children are be signed in by their parent/carer. There is always a member of JLT/SMT from 8:00am on duty – no pupil should be outside before 8:15am unless under parental supervision. There is an area of the Dining Hall in the Junior School which is designated as Breakfast Club and girls who have been signed in remain in this area. There are only Breakfast Club members in the dining room at the Infant School. It is the responsibility of the member of staff on duty to ensure that those children who have been signed in are supervised. At 8.15 am all girls in Breakfast Club are released/escorted into the care of the member of staff on playground duty.

At 8.30am children on both sites line up in year groups, and invited into the school. Pupils in FS are allowed, initially, to be taken into the classroom by parents. Girls arriving on the school bus before 8.15am should go to the Dining Hall and between 8.15am and 8.30am, they join classmates in the supervised playground. Walking Bus girls are brought to the Junior School playground between 8.15am and 8.30am.

The playgrounds on both sites are supervised from 8.15am. The designated members of staff should ensure that the gates to the front of the Junior School and the area by the Dining Hall are closed in the Junir School, and that the door to the porch is monitored in the Infant School. All children who are dropped off by parents know to remain in this area. When the bell rings at 8.30am, the person on duty ensures the children line up.

Whilst the girls are entering the Junior School, the rear doors may be hooked back. It is the responsibility of the members of staff on duty to ensure that this door is closed when the girls have entered. In the Infant School the member of staff on duty will shut the cloakroom door after all the girls have entered, and the porch door once parents have left. The Reception teacher will close the door into the Reception classroom.

The interior door into the Junior School is hooked back at 8.30am to ease access, and the school secretary will ensure that entry through this door is supervised and that the door is closed at 8.45am. After this access is only by buzzed entry. The front door of the Infant School is also on a bell, and a member of staff will admit late parents/children.

All form staff should be in their form rooms by 8.30am. Registration takes place at 8.40. Registration is done electronically using the school’s information management system Sims.net. Girls who arrive after 8.40, when registration has closed, should sign in at the Junior School office or Infant School office.

At 8.40 it is time for assembly. It is the duty of the form teacher to escort their class to the hall and supervise them until assembly starts on the days that their form attends assembly (see Assembly Rota). At the end of assembly the Assistant Staff on duty will escort children back to the classroom.

Morning break

Morning break begins at 10.10am. Girls should take their break, collect their coats and go outside. The members of staff on playground duty should supervise the girls leaving the building and then in the playground.

In the Junior School, two members of staff do the outside duty at morning break, while another member of staff patrols inside the building. At the beginnings and ends of morning break, staff supervise the internal staircases and cloakrooms. Wet break will be supervised in the classrooms, although we do try to have the girls undercover outside for some of the break. In the Infant School, there are two members of staff on duty, who circulate around the playground. All girls are outside, unless the weather is poor, and then supervision will be inside. At morning break, first aid cover is provided by the school nurse or the school secretary. Duty staff should ensure that all areas are supervised.

A bell indicating the end of the break is rung at 10.30. The girls stop play on the first bell, listen to instructions from the duty staff and then line up in quiet on the second. Classes or groups are then invited to enter the buildings by the duty staff, and make their way to their class rooms. Cloakrooms are supervised by teachers.

Lunch break

Lunch break begins at 11.45 for FS/KS1 and 12.00 for KS2 – with some variations to take into account the clubs and activities. Girls should take their coats/drinks outside with them at the beginning of the lunch break. Members of staff and lunchtime supervisors ensure that the dining room and playground are properly supervised.

As the girls finish their lunches they go to the playground and are supervised by the staff on duty. Reception girls are escorted to the playground by the designated member of staff on duty. On wet days, girls should return to their form rooms after lunch and the members of staff on duty should patrol inside the building.

During the lunch break, the girls should use the downstairs toilets. Girls who need to change for Sports Clubs are supervised by the club member of staff. If a member of staff runs a lunchtime club, it is their responsibility to ensure that they are in the designated room/area in order to supervise girls arriving for their club.

First aid should be dealt with by members of staff on duty, or girls may be sent to the office.

At both sites a bell is rung at 1.00pm to mark the end of lunch break and the girls are sent in. All form staff should be in their form rooms by 1.00pm to take registration

Afternoon break

Afternoon break 2.15-2.30 is in FS & KS1 only. Girls should take their break, collect their coats and go into the playground. Form teachers are responsible for seeing their classes safely to the cloakroom. The members of staff on Duty will supervise the girls leaving the building and then in the playground.

Supervision during Curriculum Time


Maximum of 30 pupils to 1 teacher

Maximum of 8 pupils to 1 Assistant (Level 3 or above)

Off-site – At least 2 adults with each group


All classes will be supervised by the member of staff who is designated to teach them for that period (see Timetable) and pupils are the responsibility of that teacher. In case of absence, appropriate cover will be arranged by the Deputy Heads. Girls should not normally enter rooms where no member of staff is present.

Specific Risk Assessments are in place for practical subjects and teachers follow the guidelines of these. Staff are required to supervise pupils whilst changing for PE lessons. Y6 girls crossing to the Senor School are allowed to do so unaccompanied; all other Junior School pupils must be escorted by the teacher/coach in charge.

KS2 girls taking additional Music lessons (rotas are displayed on the Music Board) are allowed to go to the Music rooms in No 4 unaccompanied; however all girls up to the end of Y5 must be collected from and returned to the Junior School by their Music teacher if their lesson is in the Senior School. Infant girls having music lessons are collected by the teacher and taken to the peri-rooms. At the end of the session they are returned to their form rooms.

When moving off-site, specific Risk Assessments are prepared and followed.

End of the Day

(FS and KS1) – 3.15pm

The girls collect their coats and are taken, by their teacher, to the playground where they are collected by their parent. Any girl who remains uncollected will be taken by a member of staff to wait with the member of staff on duty at Tea-Time Club (TTC), and parents will be contacted. If the child is booked into either an afterschool club or TTC they will be collected by the leaders and escorted to the room/venue. At the end of club they will either be collected by parents from the Hall or playground, or if booked into TTC escorted to the room. They are then supervised there until collected.

(Y3-Y6) – 3.30

Junior girls leave the Junior School and wait in the area outside the Dining Hall until they are collected. Any girls who are not collected by 3.40 should be taken by the member of Staff on duty to join TTC. If the child is booked into either an afterschool club or TTC they will be collected by the leaders and escorted to the room/venue. At the end of club they will either be collected by parents from the Hall or playground, or if booked into TTC escorted to the room. They are then supervised there until collected.

Girls who Travel on the School Buses

At the end of the school day, the girls who travel on school buses should go promptly to the covered area by the back door. The girls complete a register and the Teaching Assistants on duty escort the girls to the bus stops. If a girl is not using the bus she usually does, the secretary should be informed in advance so that this can be noted in the bus register and so that the Teaching Assistants escorting the bus girls are aware of any absence. Girls travelling between the two sites (for parent ease of collection) gather in/near the school office and wait with an adult until escorted to the minibus. At the other end, these children are escorted to the respective school office, from where they are collected, or are collected by parents in the playground.

Tea Time Club (TTC) – FS, KS1 & KS2

FS and KS1 children attending TTC are collected by a member of staff and taken to the TTC room. After registration, they are escorted to the dining room for a light tea. Juniors attending TTC make their own way to the Hall at 3.30. The TTC staff are responsible for checking the register and informing the Head of the Junior School (or the Deputy) or the office immediately of any discrepancies in the register. TTC staff have a list of those girls who should be attending TTC following an after-school activity and check their arrival in the register. Junior girls have tea in the Dining Hall after which they return to the Junior School, or play outside. The staff on duty ensure that the girls are fully supervised at all times.

Girls are only allowed to visit the toilets in pairs and accompanied by helpers, and they should not use toilets which are being cleaned.

Parents/guardians whose daughters attend TTC in the Infant School ring the bell to gain entry. The girls are then signed out by parents. In the Junior School, parents ring a bell and gain entry to the venue. Staff on duty record that the girls have been collected.

On either site, if there are any emergencies or girls remaining uncollected, the Head of the Junior School (or a member of the Junior Leadership Team) are notified and parents are contacted. Relevant mobile numbers are kept at the beginning of the TTC register. A member of staff must remain on duty until all girls are collected.

After School Events

Members of staff and visiting coaches are responsible for registering the attendance of and ensuring the safe collection of all girls who have attended an after-school activity which they have organised. Parents should be informed in advance of the finishing time of all activities. Staff/coaches should wait with the girls until all are collected and contact parents – numbers are available in a file in the office, as well as on Sims – should a parent be considerably later than the agreed time. If parents cannot be contacted, then a member of JLT should be contacted.

Throughout the Day

Entry on to the Infant School site is only by the front door, which is on a bell entry. The gate at the top of the school (off Manchester Road) is coded and parents have this – however all other gates and doors are code protected and these are not known to parents. Access is only by admission by a member of staff. In the Junior School entry to the playground is through a central gate which is locked during the normal school time hours, and can only be unlocked by communicating with the school office, through a tele-com system. Once through this gate, visitors are observed until they reach the main building and the reception area. Entry to the school by the front door is again protected by an ‘entry phone’ system. Girls should not be allowed/encouraged to open the front door. The side door and rear doors have a security code. The rear door is left open during breaks, but is closed when the last member of staff on duty returns to the building. The rear door to the building housing Year 3 and the 6th Form classrooms is also on a coded lock.

Official visitors to the school should wear an identification label. Parents who are visiting to help with lessons should sign in/out in the Infant or Junior Office and wear a visitor ID badge which is obtained from the office. If any girl is taken out of school early, then her parent/guardian should sign her out in the appropriate book.

School Visits

All details for off-site visits are available in the Educational Visits Booklet (Staff Handbook) and this should be read by all staff. Before booking any off-site visit, members of Staff should ensure that the group leader is familiar with the procedures and policies of the GDST and SHS regarding off-site visits and complete a Risk Assessment form – this is done electronically through EVOLVE. The group leader completing the Risk Assessment should, wherever possible, have visited the location prior to completing the RA. Care must be taken to ensure that there is an appropriate pupil:adult ratio for all off-site visits.

Copies of any important Health Information and Parents’ Contact Details are taken on off-site visits.

The member of staff in charge of the trip is responsible for ensuring that all pupils are collected. If parents are significantly late, then a member of the JLT should be informed.

Bad Weather Procedure

When the Snow Procedure comes into effect, the Head of the Junior School, or the Secretary will organise the distribution of the Snow Registers. The School Buses may leave early and all girls who use the buses will be collected by Assistant Staff who will escort the girls to the buses.

Parents may come into school to collect their daughter(s). No parent should collect another girl, unless we have permission from that girl’s parent.

Form Teachers should mark on their form’s Snow Register when each girl leaves. No girl should be allowed to leave school before 3.30, without permission (to school) from her parents. The school will not close until every pupil has been collected.

For information:

Designated Safeguarding Lead: 

 Mrs A Reed (Assistant Head, Pastoral Care)

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads: 

 Mr C Hald (Head of Infant and Junior School)

Mr A Brammall (Deputy Head of Junior School)

Mrs Rachael Leslie (Deputy Head of Infant School)

Mrs N Gunson (Head of School)

Safeguarding Governors:

Mrs D Cawthorne and Ms F Yarlett